Every story deserves a voice

I started this blog as an effort to write more and to tell my story, but I haven’t been very faithful in this effort. This due to two things. One, my life is crazy. My husband has ALS, I have a three year old son and I work full time. My life is crazy. Having a husband with ALS is almost an impossible thing, but having a three year old and a full time job is, well, there’s a reason I just had a conversation with my doctor about antidepressants.

The other reason I haven’t been writing is because I felt it had to be perfect and crafted and the truth is, I just need to write. I need to write because this is how I tell my story, because my voice needs to be heard. I need to write because I’m a writer and I need to write because I want someone to know, even if it’s just me, what’s in my head.

I am committing to being more faithful. To coming here and telling my story, such as it is. Life is hard right now. I feel alone and trapped. This is not the life I imagined for myself. I get that compared to refugees my life is pretty grand, but I never imagined having to watch my 48 year old husband die in a most horrific way while trying to care for my three year old.

Well, my three year old just work up so this where I sign off. But I’ll be back.



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