This four letter word is one of the hardest words to say, but today I’m saying it. In January it will be three years that my husband was diagnosed with ALS. Since that time I have been running 500 miles a minute and living in survival mode to make it from crisis to crisis. The thing about ALS is that everything is always changing so just when you think you have one thing figured out then something changes and you have a new issue to tackle.

The end of this year has been particularly hard as my husband is now bed bound and continuing to lose mobility. Also our son started kindergarten and is struggling. And when I say struggling I mean he was hitting kids and got suspended, that kind of struggling. The kind that makes you question every parenting decision you’ve ever made.

So I find myself at the end of my strength. I look at 2020 and all I can see is darkness. I don’t know that I can keep doing this for another year. I know that something needs to change so I can keep going and so I say, Help!

I’m going away this weekend on a personal retreat and I need to find myself again. I need to find my strength again. The kind of help I need right now is simple. I am asking that anyone who reads this will send me good thoughts and prayers that I will find what it is I need to continue on this journey. Thank you in advance for all the love and good thoughts that will be coming my way.

Becky (aka Superwoman)

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