Receiving and Giving Support

As I have gone through this journey with ALS, what I have learned is that the majority of people in our lives want to help us, but they don’t know what to do and feel helpless themselves. People will often ask me, “What can I do?” and I really struggle with what to tell them. I’m afraid to ask them for something that is too much for them, and I’m also sometimes simply unsure of what I really need as it changes from moment to moment. I’ve decided to create a list of ideas for ways people can support us. This is hard for me, because I never want to think I am making life more difficult for others, yet I know how good it feels to help. Below are some tangible ways on how to support us. Please know that we welcome support in whatever way, shape, or form it takes.Christmas 2019

Ways to Support Our Family:

  • Prayers and Good Thoughts
  • A text, email, or card letting us know you’re thinking of us
  • Kid-Friendly meals I can easily heat (breaded chicken, meatballs and spaghetti, chili…)
  • Gift cards to DoorDash or Amazon
  • Picking up groceries for us
  • Take Augie to play on a Saturday morning
  • Snow Removal
  • Small House Repairs (If you are handy and have some free time, let me know.)
  • Basement Painting Project in February (We need to finish painting our basement/Augie’s play area)
  • Tickets to Red Wings or Pistons for Jim (We need to rent a van and pay a caregiver to attend these events. He’s hoping to get to one game of each of these next year.)

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