Let me explain…

… no there is too much. Let me sum up.

(If anyone gets that reference please add a comment.)

So, it’s been four months since I last posted and a lot has happened, too much to explain, so I will summarize.

June – Summer started here in Michigan and the beginning of our lives again after many long months being trapped inside due to COVID. My son (Augie) and I took a trip to Traverse City and had a great time. This coincided with Father’s Day. One poignant moment that stands out took place on Father’s Day itself. We spent that afternoon at a park in Traverse City and Augie, true to form, found kids to play with. He matter-of-factly informed the child’s Dad that his Dad was dead. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I chose an awkward smile. I think one of the hardest parts of all this is watching Augie grow up without a Dad.

Augie and me in Traverse City

July – We spent a week in July with my Dad, Sisters, and their families in Cadillac. It was a great time to be together and Augie just loves all seven of his older cousins. Uncle Doug and Uncle Steve taught him to fish, which was priceless. We also picked up two souvenirs (kittens) on that trip named Martin and Cali. They showed up one night on the beach and quickly purred their way into our hearts. Best souvenirs ever!

Augie caught his first fish!
Martin and Cali our Souvenirs

August – We continued to enjoy the outdoors and were able to socialize by going to outdoor restaurants and meeting in people’s back yards. I also took an online creative writing class. It was so great to get back to writing with some structure around it. I wrote poetry, non-fiction and even some fiction I may revisit one day. I will be posting poetry from time to time on this site that came out of that class.

September – So much has happened this past month! Augie started Kindergarten and likes it so far. He really struggled with Preschool last year, so this is a welcome change. I’m cautiously optimistic. I started a teacher meditation and yoga training class through Happy Jack Yoga. I just stumbled upon it through a yoga video app from SarahBeth Yoga. I’ve been doing her yoga videos online and she has a connection with Happy Jack Yoga. It’s been a great experience so far and you may start to see meditation and yoga videos here from time to time.

Augie’s first day of Kindergarten

Yet to Come – Looking ahead I have signed up for a poetry writing class and a songwriting class. I’ve been writing songs all my life and I am excited and extremely nervous to delve back into this part of me. I’ve really been missing a creative outlet and it feels good to be using those muscles again. You will start to see a variety of content form me going forward.

Also, I’ve changed the focus of this blog. I’m still sharing about my life and my journey, but with the hope of bringing others encouragement and hope along the way. Now that we’re caught up, I look forward to interacting with you more in the days ahead.

Be well! 

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